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Now An Online Resource

April 26, 2011

Muslim World Music Day will remain an online resource, and ARC will continue to add info into the database and do a monthly re-evaluation of some of the links.  We welcome voilunteers to give us a hand, and you can e-mail us anytime.  We want everyone here in New York to be aware of the wonderful festival focus on Moroccan culture coming up this weekend and running an entire month, World Nomads Morocco Festival.  It was organized by French Institute Alliance Francaise (FIAF) and highly recommended.

We’ve loaded in the last of the highlights and front page recommendations, so have a look at the Muslim World Music Day site for those.

This blog will be largely inactive in the future, adding things only occasionally when our interest is piqued.  Thanks to all who helped and all who paid this site, and Muslim World Music Day, a visit.    B.George, Director

This ‘Day Will Last

April 21, 2011

While the ‘Day’ has passed, ARC and the Internet Archive will keep this site around, well, as long as we last.  We’ll relax a bit now, and take a break as the site is pretty much complete. If we find nice things we’ll add them.  We are seeking funds to have a full time person update, so we’ll let you know about progress.

Do note the very nice music series and cultural events coming at the end of the month – The World Nomads Morocco Festival – from the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF)  and our pal, Zeyba Rahman.  Their link has been down for a while, but I’m sure will be back soon.

New Uploads

April 20, 2011

New uploads include more sheetmusic in the gallery, a pile of links everywhere, and a way to contribute to help update and upgrade the site.  Just a bit more of tweaking, and a lot of editing to do in the database, and then its on to Brazilian World Music Day, Sept 2012!

More covers in the gallery

April 16, 2011

Just loaded in the last of the record covers and cassettes in the gallery.  From the beloved to the befuddled in terms of imagery, and music…  Still some sheet music covers to go, and a few more incoming late, and late night links.

NEW Load-ins

April 15, 2011

We’ve loaded in another 200 links, this time in the Libraries and Blog areas.  Most work, and that’s something!  So all in all approaching 3000 links, and that’s really something.  We merged Academic with Organizations and eliminated venues.  Also we added an index of American Jazz Musicians who are Muslim to the end of Fred’s piece on the Jazz Messengers.  Enjoy.

Most links now active

April 14, 2011

Today we loaded in 700 artists, 250 academic + Orgs, over 400 record labels and 100 radio + TV stations to the Muslim world Music site.

..aaaallllmost 10,000 recordings in the database!

April 13, 2011

Hope to go over 10 k tomorrow.  The big problem is that libraries and archives are dinosaurs, and not the cute animated kind.  They have no idea how to share or sort data easily or properly, and settle for posting, inconveniently.  As Archimedes once said, “Give me their budget and I could move the earth.”

So live things and all the data sent entered today.  We’ll work on the links tomorrow  Some false starts, lotsa mistake, but great people working hard make it all worth it. As people have been so kindly telling me.