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Radio Free Tobruk + Muslim C&W

February 28, 2011

We’ve been trying to get an online feed for Radio Free Tobruk, according to NPR yesterday, playing a great deal of anti-Gadhafi songs emerging day by day, chronicling the Libyan liberation.

While this am Al Arabiya has reported that a helicopter was shot down by anti-government forces defending the local radio station in Misurata, 125 miles east of Tripoli, the helicopter targeting the transmitter.

Playlists?  Let us know about the songs of the revolution!

On a whole different vast plane closer to home one of the greatest revelation of this project is the music of Oklahoman, Kareem Salama.  There are quite a few of these right headed, big time country and western productions on You tube, evoking themes similar to the Black civil rights message songs of the late 60, early 70s.  This is beautiful music by great singer, that can easily rival anything coming out of Nashville.  Have a look and a listen, and yes, he’s a Muslim, he’s seen the Pennebaker film, and that’s his real accent.

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